ASVAB Study Guide: Continued…

Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

Become familiar with the exam sections and their weights for the scoring. Prioritize the ones that have a greater effect on your final score. You should also make an honest evaluation of yourself to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate your efforts on the latter. Get books and other materials that can help you to overcome your challenges. This may be difficult at first but you will notice significant progress as the weeks go by. Starting early truly has its perks.

Get a Study Buddy

If you need extra motivation to stick to the schedule consistently, then go ahead and get a study buddy. Find out who else among your friends are taking the test then ask one or more to form a review group with you. Meet once or twice a week to share notes and swap tips. Motivate each other to do well to keep the fire burning. What’s more, seeing other people progressing in their studies will keep you on your toes and you wouldn’t want to be the one lagging behind.

Take Practice Exams

From time to time, measure your progress by taking practice ASVAB(Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard) exams. There are lots of sites where you can get samples for free. They will get you acquainted with the format and the kinds of questions you are likely to encounter. It is best to complete an exam at the start of the review process to see where you stand and what you need to work on. Take another every two weeks or so to check if you made any improvement in key areas. When doing this exercise, stick to the limit limits imposed per section like it was the real thing.

Make It a Priority

The outcome of this exam could determine your future. Ask yourself how much you want to enlist in the military. If it is important to you, then make it a priority. Make it the top priority for the duration of the test prep. This means that if unforeseen events unfold, you will not let them get in the way of your studies. It means declining late night parties if you have scheduled a practice exam early in the morning, and so on. There will be plenty of time to celebrate once you pass the test.

Final Reminders

As things wind down, remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve done. Remember the hours you spent studying and the little triumphs you’ve had along the way. Be confident that you are ready to take on this challenge. Make sure that you get enough sleep in the days leading up to the exam. There is no point in having sleepless nights trying to consume more information. The hard part is done and you have to trust yourself to deliver. If you do everything in this ASVAB study guide, then you should pass with flying colors.

ASVAB Study Guide: How To Ace The Test

Joining the military offers numerous benefits including a steady income, diverse career options, travel opportunities, and the chance to serve the country. The first step in doing so is to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB test. This is a series of multiple choice questions on a wide range of topics. It is meant to measure competence in areas deemed important to the service. Just because it is presented in a multiple choice format doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you want to ace the test, then you will have to work for it and we’re here to assist with this ASVAB study guide.

The Importance of Studying

Raw test scores are not the ones that matter. The military looks instead at percentile scores. In other words, they check to see how well you’ve done by comparing your results with other examinees. If you get 60, then you did better than 60% of those who took the test. Enlistment will only be possible if the minimum passing score is achieved. Each branch sets its own qualifications. For those that wish to serve in the Army, the score should be 31 or higher. For those dreaming of flying fighter jets, the Air Force requires a score not lower than 50.

Start Early

Since the name of the game is to do better than others, then you have to make sure that you are better prepared than the rest of the field. Many of the test takers will cram their studies a few days before the actual exam. You can get an edge by starting much earlier. Most experts recommend initiating the preparations about 8 weeks ahead. This will provide you with ample time to familiarize yourself with the subjects covered and formulate an effective strategy for success. You will feel less stressed and more confident leading up to the scheduled examination.

Create a Schedule

Consider all of your activities and responsibilities for the 8 weeks or so that you plan to spend studying. Plot your schedule for the essential matters like work, studies, family commitments, sports practice, and the like. You will then get a better picture of just how much free time you can dedicate to this project. In an ideal scenario, you should be able to set aside an hour or so every day at the same time. This will make it an easy habit to stick to. If you’re busy, try studying early in the morning or before going to bed.

Find a Sanctuary

You may only have a few hours each day for study so you have to make them count. It is vital that you be able to focus on your scheduled tasks every single time. Turn off your phone for a bit or at least have the notifications on silent mode. Even a momentary distraction may be enough to make you lose focus. Find a place where no one can bother you or chat you up while you are in the middle of your studies. This could be your room, a quiet corner of the library, or anywhere else you feel comfortable in.

Tips To Memorize Test Material

So the exam week is near and you really need to get your brain ready. For some people, the best way to pass the test is to memorize all of the materials that were taught. But memorizing test materials can be really difficult especially if the materials are way too many. Luckily, we are here to help you so that you can study your exam materials a lot easier. You can try some of these methods that we will list for you to memorize your materials a lot better. Here are some of our methods.-

The Mnemonic Method
Have you ever heard of the mnemonic method of memorizing things? It is such an easy memorizing method that you can use when studying for a test. The method itself is rather easy to do. Basically, you are transforming a piece of information that you want to memorize into something that is easier to retain in your brain. It can either be a letter, a number, or a character. One of the most common ways of using the mnemonic method to memorize things is by using the first letter into another form.

For instance, let’s say we are trying to memorize the order of taxonomy. As we know, taxonomy is composed of  seven different classes. They are the Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and then Species. By using the mnemonic order, we are turning the first letter of each class into another word that can be easier to remember. In this case, we can transform it into King Phillip Came Over from Great Spain. Each letter in that sentences represent the taxonomy classes. For instance, King is mnemonic for Kingdom, Phillip is for Phylum, Came is for Class and so on. This is one of the best ways to memorize your materials before your test.

Studying together with your friends
A group study can really enhance your studying process before the exam. The various study has shown that it is more likely for you to retain information that comes out from your friend’s mouth than your teacher. Therefore, if you really want to memorize several materials before your test, you do need to form a group study. You can help each other by reminding every material that needs to be studied. You can even help each other memorize things by having a group discussion about the hardest materials that were to be tested.

One of the best ways of utilizing a group study is by dividing the workload of materials between the group. One person should have at least one or two materials to master. In discussion time, each person can then summarize that chapter and teach whatever they have learned to the other person. Therefore, you have easier studying time as you don’t have to read all of the materials before you do the exam. In doing so, you can still be able to memorize all the right materials as you are hearing the essence of every single chapter from your study group.

The connection between nose and brain
Study have said that there is a strong connection with your sense of smell and the memory. For instance, a certain smell can actually transport you back to a certain place or event in your memory. For that very reason, it should also be possible for you to study by utilizing your sense of smell. Try to memorize something using a certain scent that you have. For instance, you can wear a perfume or a lotion on your study time and memorize that certain material. On the day of the test, wear that scent also so that you can always remember what you have studied the night before.

The Connection between music and brain
Other than the sense of smell, apparently our ears can also be linked to the brain. You can memorize so much easier if you listen to the correct types of music while studying. Whether it is country, jazz, or pop, the key to memorizing a material using a music is by listening to music that you know the lyrics of very well. In the day of the test, you can try to sing the tune to that song and you can suddenly remember all the things that you try to memorize during listening to that song. If you don’t believe it, you can totally try it.

Drawing and Writing
If you want to know how to memorize things easily, you can try either doodling, drawing or writing in  the studying process. This can also help you to study better as our brain can memorize things better if we utilize our hands and brain coordination. Visual memory is something that can be absorbed by our brain easily, especially if you know how to creatively draw something that will attract your brain.

Take your vitamins
The high quality of memory is not something that you can force. You need to take care of your brain so that it can function properly especially in exam week. For those who want to have a better memory, they can take various vitamins that you can buy in the store. For instance, fish oil is a very useful supplement for your brain. The various omega and nutritious can really help your brain to function better. Take your vitamins regularly before you take an exam or a test so that you can have a healthy brain.

Get a good rest and good night sleep
It would be such a waste that after studying long and hard the whole week, you cannot even open your eyes on the exam day. Try to avoid fatigue and over-studying on the exam date because it can lead you to fail the test. That is why it is very important that you keep your health and your stamina during test or exam week. You can do so by maintaining to get a good night sleep especially the night before the test itself. In addition to that, do not forget to eat your breakfast so that you have a filled energy on the day of the test.